Whether you're looking for family photos, shopping for the right event photographer, a soon-to-be bride needing that fantasy portrait, a model in need of a portfolio, an actor seeking headshots, an artist or a musician, I will work to the best of my abilities to serve you and provide you with an experience that exceeds your expectations every time.


This is the age of technology. There is no doubt about that. At the ends of all fingers is a camera at any given second. We are plugged in. Yet, sometimes it is not about the data and figures. It is about the personal touch. That is something that should never be forgotten when it comes to photography. It is not about instantly capturing the moment. It is about cherishing that moment. That is the foundation of AWFULLY PRETTY PHOTOGRAPHY.

Photographers, Houston, TX

Loved working with her! She was so great! And braved the cold to take pictures outside!!! The images I like where edited in a timely fashion, and turned out fabulous!

- Margaret Stella

You are with without a doubt an amazing photographer your awesome! you don't know how much I appreciate you taking those engagment pictures for me they are amazing and exactly what I hoped they would be! Keep growing and capturing moments! :)

- Ashley Tobias

Loved my son's 2nd Birthday photos, will definitely use you again. Thank you being so patient with my LARGE family!

- Lucy Sanchez

oh my goodness!!!! I just got a tear in my eye....just saw the Bridal shots from tonight, and they were beautiful!!! I have never looked this beautiful b4!!!

- Lisa Renee McCarthy